Shenzhen Aoheng

Manufacturer of bleaching Earth,fullers earth,attapulgite,bentonite and desiccants in China

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Home Fullers Earth
Home Fullers Earth

Fullers Earth

Fullers'Earth are highly active adsorbents of premium quality produced from natural bentonites or attapulgite by acid activation

where their high level of absorption,acidic properties and their ion exchange ability are critical importance.


·Purified, clarified and bleaching vegetable oil such as soybean,

Palm,rapeseed,sunflower,corn,and cotton seed oils and animal fats

·Chemical industry

·Daily chemical industry(fancy soap)

·Grease industry(including lubricating oil, diesel oil)

·Paraffin,naphthene acid and etc.

·Medicament industry.



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Mr. David Lee

Sales Dept.Manager

Mobile Phone:0086 15017935468

Tel: 0086-755-26812580 (ext606)


Add: R901, B&H Plaza, 27 Nanhai Ave., Shekou,

Shenzhen 518067,China.

Factory:NO.52-1 Dong Fang Ave., Economic Developing Zone,

XuYI County, Jiangsu, China.